Research Mission

The overarching scientific goal for the Neuro-Oncology Research Program is to develop prevention, better diagnosis, and treatment of primary malignant brain tumors in children and adults.

Our mission is:

  • To conduct molecular genetics and epidemiologic studies to identify the cause and relevant tumor suppressor and driver oncogenes in all the major types of adult and childhood malignant brain tumors.
  • To establish innovative and predictive model systems that accurately identify active and inactive therapeutic compounds before clinical use.
  • To invent and translate novel therapeutics into clinical trials incorporating innovative trial designs and techniques. 
  • To maintain a comprehensive brain tumor repository in concert with the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI).  
  • To train the next generation of neuro-oncologists—MD, Ph.D., and MD/Ph.D. students; postdoctoral fellows; residents; surgical, medical, and pediatric clinical neuro-oncologists.
  • To promote research in the supportive care of patients with primary brain tumors