Established in 1937, The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center was one of the first brain tumor research and clinical programs in the United States. David Ashley, MBBS (Hon), FRACP,  Ph.D. directs the brain tumor center, while Allan Friedman, MD, Henry Friedman, MD, and Peter Fecci, MD, Ph.D., serve as deputy directors. The center has more than 250 full-time employees devoted exclusively to neuro-oncology and encompasses laboratory, clinical, and quality of life/supportive care research programs; patient and family support programs; administrative support services; and adult and pediatric clinical care services.

Duke Cancer Institute’s Neuro-Oncology Research Program includes researchers representing ten departments in the Duke University School of Medicine and one within Duke University. Annually, these investigators are awarded approximately $14.4 million (direct costs) in grant and contract support. The Center has three neuro-oncology program faculty members (Darrell Bigner, Henry Friedman, and Roger McLendon) who are among the top 20 most cited authors worldwide on “glioblastoma.”  

The center sees an average of 900 new adult brain tumor patients and 80 new pediatric brain tumor patients annually, all from local, national, and international sources.  The center conducts more groundbreaking research, sees more brain tumor patients, has more experience with more types of brain tumors, and provides more innovative treatments than most other centers worldwide.  

At the core of The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center’s success lies the commitment of countless physicians, nurses, researchers, and staff—all with the collective goal of caring for patients and their families, improving their quality of life, and ultimately finding a cure for brain tumors. 

Hope at Duke

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide hope and empower brain tumor patients with unparalleled care, research, and education


Vision: A global leader of hope courageously leading the quest to conquer brain cancer!


Leadership & Administration

Neuro-Oncologist, Director
Founding Director
Neuro-Oncologist, Director of Clinical Research
Neurosurgeon, Deputy Director
Neurosurgeon, Deputy Director
Neuro-Oncologist, Deputy Director
Neuro-Oncologist, Director of Supportive Care
Administrative Director, Nurse Practitioner
Business Manager
Staff Assistant
Staff Assistant
Administrative Assistant