What Are The Red Flags For Brain Tumors?

By The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center


Brain tumors are a serious health condition that requires immediate attention. It’s important to mention that early detection and diagnosis play a critical role in enhancing the likelihood of successful treatment. But, how do you determine if it's time to get checked for a brain tumor? 

This article will discuss the red flags or warning signs that could indicate the presence of a brain tumor and when you should seek a consultation from a medical professional. 

Brain Tumor Signs and Symptoms 

Here is a list of common neurological symptoms that can be linked to a possible brain tumor: 

  • Headaches: Headaches are a common symptom of brain tumors, especially if they are severe and occur frequently. If you experience headaches that worsen over time, occur in the morning or are accompanied by nausea and vomiting, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Seizures: Seizures can be a symptom of brain tumors, especially if they occur suddenly and without any previous history. Seizures can also be a sign of other medical conditions, but it is important to rule out the possibility of a brain tumor.
  • Vision Problems: Brain tumors can cause a variety of vision problems, including double vision, blurred vision, and loss of vision in one or both eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  • Speech Difficulties: Difficulty in speaking, slurred speech, and changes in speech patterns can also be a sign of a brain tumor. If you notice any of these changes, it is essential to seek medical advice.
  • Cognitive and Memory Problems: Brain tumors can cause cognitive and memory problems, such as difficulty in concentration, forgetfulness, and confusion. If you experience these symptoms, you should see a doctor to determine the underlying cause.
  • Numbness and Weakness: Numbness or weakness in one side of the body, arms or legs, or a tingling sensation can also indicate the presence of a brain tumor. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms.
  • Changes in Personality: Changes in personality, behavior, and mood swings can also be a sign of a brain tumor. If you or someone you know experiences sudden and unexplained changes in personality or behavior, it is essential to consult a doctor.
  • Difficulty in Balance and Coordination: Brain tumors can cause difficulty in balance and coordination, which can affect walking and other activities. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Hearing Problems: Hearing problems, such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss, or muffled hearing, can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms.

Where To Schedule a Brain Tumor Consultation? 

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